0305 2024 Michael & Oscar & Petra via Troy!

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2024 Michael & Oscar & Petra via Troy!

MEntity: Hello to each of you. We are here, now. We can begin.


March 5th 2024

Hello Michaels! I'd like to continue with my inquiry into the different Planes. Last time you've given overviews of the Causal and Akashic, so for this session I'd want to go over the Mental and Messianic Planes (half a session each). Things like: what are they made of, how they look, how they function, what their purpose is, and what distinguishes them from each other? And of course anything that you deem interesting to mention.


We are moving into realms and dimensions that are often beyond the limitations of description in current language and comprehension, but we will do our best to translate the reality of these planes into meaningful words.


The Mental Plane is the Causal Plane, exalted. Whereas the Causal Plane is where we explore cause and effect, so to speak, the Mental Plane is where we would say we explore Intellectual Creation and Cascading Consequence. The Causal Plane is where we can explore probabilities from a known cause and see the potential effects, but in the Mental Plane, we are able to hold multiple creation points and experience all cascading consequences. They are no longer probabilities, but realities. The Mental Plane could be said to be all about creating consequential cascades that can cross the boundaries of dimensions and realities. 

Although all Planes beyond the Physical are no longer subject to linear progression, the Astral and Causal are still quite partial to the structure of linear time and space. The Mental Plane is the first plane where the linear reality, time, and space simply no longer work. 

It could be said that the Physical, Astral, and Causal Planes are horizontal planes, but the Mental, Messianic, and Buddhaic Planes are vertical. In the Mental Plane, Entities are fully reunited and learn to exist as a whole across multiple dimensions of consciousness. Rather than seeing reality as moving forward with branching, imagine, instead, STACKS of reality/dimensions in which one consciously exists. Progression through the Mental Plane is a matter of how many realities an Entity can stack and consciously comprehend. Though "Levels" in the higher planes is not quite accurate a term, we will use it here for simpler understanding of the Mental Plane.

FIRST LEVEL is a transition from the Causal Plane where Entities have completely integrated all past experiences, karma, and personalities. All Personalities have progressed to the same levels of comprehension through their individual evolution within each Essence and each Essence now shares the same levels of comprehension as all Essences in their Entity. This first level then is where the Entities begin exploring intellectual concepts that are no longer constrained by physical or emotional frameworks. This is a level of pure abstract forms of ideas. It could be said that this is the level where the Entity uses all past experiences to begin a range of "what if" realities to explore.

SECOND LEVEL dive deeper into the intellect through advanced concepts and extremely complex ideas. This is where we begin to understand the underlying principles that govern the universe on an entirely new level, engaging in profoundly creative explorations of collected knowledge and truth beyond all confines that have bee known before in other planes.

THIRD LEVEL is where synthesis and application of all knowledge begins for the Entity and the beginning of true reunion with our Cadre. We begin to learn how to create fabrics of reality, threads of understanding, and complex structures that can be played with in vast experiments across multiple dimensions.

FOURTH LEVEL is where we burst into a flourishing wave of creativity as whole Cadres of consciousness and we offer profoundly original solutions, ideas, and plans to a bank of awareness that will be used in the creation of a new universe at some point. 

FIFTH LEVEL is where we begin to return our focus to other Planes of existence, including the Physical, and begin teaching, sharing, and inviting other fragments and entities to consider these new solutions, ideas, and truths, helping those in linear progression to push beyond their assumed limits and boundaries.

SIXTH LEVEL is where we begin an exchange with all Sentience that has progressed in our universe to this Plane. We begin making contact during the Fifth Level, but we begin sharing in the Sixth Level. We begin to truly and profoundly experience the interconnectedness of all consciousness, all forms of spirituality and philosophy, and even the interconnectedness of atoms, the subatomic, the quantum realms, and help create a shared plane where consciousness/Sentience that exists in the INVERSE can now participate in our shared evolution.

SEVENTH LEVEL is where we reach a mastery of all that we have endeavored to fully comprehend and we begin our transition to the Messianic Plane. We are no longer confined to our known universe and we move as Cadres throughout various realities, times, dimensions, and though we cannot move through another universe, we are able to go to the "edges" of our own and observe other universes, including what we have described as the inverse.

In terms of sensory experience, it is fair to say that while the higher planes are no longer in any way experienced through bodies like those in the Physical Plane, we will always carry from the Physical Plane our capacity to translate data into experience and experience into sensory states. The Physical Plane may seem to be a place of suffering and pain, atrocities and catastrophes, illnesses and accidents, and it is, but it is the only Plane where one's entire foundation of reality is based in sensory experience as a starting point for everything. All other Planes will use the experiences of every Essence and every Essence's lifetimes to draw upon for constructing sensory experiences in the high planes.

This means that sight, touch, etc. are not only retained, but considered vital for many elements of evolution in the high planes. We cannot accurately describe the Mental Plane in such terms because it is created by Entities and Cadres within spaces that could be said to be the equivalent of imagination and this range of imagination is vast.


As we know time is limited, we will be more succinct and brief here. This Plane is where we continue integration as Cadres, but our focus builds on what we learned from an Higher Intellectual perspective in the Mental Plane by moving into focus on Intuition. This could be said to be the Intuitive Plane.

Intuition is simply a matter of synthesis without interference. It has been described in the language of the Physical Plane as "grokking," or comprehension and knowledge without progression. One simply "knows,".

FIRST LEVEL is all about adapting to a new form that has never been known before this Plane. From the Causal and certainly from the Physical, we cannot comprehend the form. We only know that we adapt to a completely new form beyond what we can imagine. Many in the Mental Plane tend to explore this concept as a means to push the limits of their imagination, but none have broken that mystery barrier.

SECOND LEVEL is a deep dive into a new level of comprehension of interconnectedness by no longer retaining any sense of boundaries. Whatever form we are in now passes through all others and we "swim" through each other as cadres in ways that unlock a level of Love that we know we have never known before.

THIRD LEVEL is a level of direct knowing, surpassing intellectual analysis and further losing our capacity for sustaining our desire for holding our own forms. Swimming through each other brushes us through all memories of all Personalities of other Cadres and we comprehend for the first time just how much of our existence is shaped by our conclusions as separate forms and we begin to synthesize a new concept of the universe.

FOURTH LEVEL is where all Personalities we have ever been determine for themselves when and how and IF they desire to return to Tao.

FIFTH LEVEL is where we focus our attention back to other Planes for teaching, sharing, incarnating, etc. as Transcendental or Infinite.

SIXTH LEVEL is where we begin to lose the boundaries between planes and discover that they have been within ourselves the entire time/space. The distinction between planes begins to dissolve and the cosmos becomes a vastness of beings rather than a vastness of space, time, etc.

SEVENTH LEVEL is where all need for any sense of individuality, even from among those Personalities who were hesitant or determined to conclude various experiences, is transcended. We begin to rest into a transition the Messianic, or Atmic Plane. This is not misspelled: Atmic, or Monadic.

We will conclude here for today. Good day to each of you. Goodbye, for now.

PetraB: Thank You Michael & Troy for this excellent delivery!!! AND for going way "overtime" Thank You both for this GRACE!

Oscar: thanks Michael & Troy! 

MEntity: We were stretching the limits of our channel here and some delivery may have been distorted.