0905 2023 Michael & Petra via Troy!

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2023 Michael & Petra via Troy!

MEntity: Hello to you, Petra. We are here, now. We can begin.


September 5th 2023  Hello Michael via Troy!

In our last Session You mentioned the following: 


We can add that our Caretakers are philosophically-based as a society. There are 7 foundations upon which a Sentient Species may evolve their civilizations, cultures, societies, relationships, etc., and our Caretakers are philosophically-based. This means that their trajectory as a species has always aimed for QUESTIONING and UNDERSTANDING. They are KNOWLEDGE-BASED. MEntity CORRECTION: 12 Foundations. These correlate with the 12 Support Positions. Humans are POWER-based.

There are different lenses through which we can describe the foundations of an evolving Sentient Species, but this is system that is familiar to our students and can help bring more immediate understanding.

Cetaceans are Knowledge-based, as well, or Philosophical.

Gorillas are looking at being COMPASSION-based.

I'd like You to list these 12 Foundations? after having done so, I'd like You to explain in more depth the Foundation of the Human Design?


The 12 Foundations from which a Sentient Species can build its trajectory are: 

Love - a foundation of existence that (eventually) contributes innovation, ideas, creativity, and sanctuary to the universe and its fellow Sentience. 

Knowledge - a foundation of existence that (eventually) contributes education, ancient lore, truths, science, and solutions to the universe and fellow Sentience.

Compassion/Support - a foundation of existence that (eventually) pairs up with various other dominant or leading Sentience to act as a hub for support, help, and pivotal directions for fellow Sentience.

Power - a foundation of existence that (eventually) dominates, leads, and sets standards for contact, communication, and collaboration with fellow Sentience.

Mentor - a foundation of existence that (eventually) becomes a resource for model societies and civilizations that help fellow Sentience to evolve into more cohesive individual and collective Sentience races.

Beauty - a foundation of existence that (eventually) becomes a go-to vacation, respite, replenishing base of re-connection, sex, sensuality, play, and art for fellow Sentience.Child - a foundation of existence that may never know the existence of Sentience beyond itself, but provides multiple Sentient species the opportunity to care for, guide, and nurture.

Humor - a foundation of existence that (eventually) becomes a standard in galactic entertainment, relief, return to innocence, and re-connection among fellow Sentient Species.

Anchor - a foundation of existence that (eventually) becomes a center of refuge and host for displaced Sentience who may need space and time to recover from their world events or near-extinction, etc.

Discipline - a foundation of existence that (eventually) becomes a policing and lawful force across the universe to help each known off-planet Sentient species to adhere to standardized consideration and protection of fellow Sentience and their homes.

Healer - a foundation of existence that (eventually) becomes a resource for the shared universe of Sentience regarding treatments of various universal conditions and exotic ailments that can spread among Sentient species and their various biology.

Enlightenment - a foundation of existence that (eventually) becomes a source of shared philosophical, political, sociological, historical, governmental, etc. perspectives and policies that become standard in the known universe among Sentience.

Muse - a uniquely inspiring quality that can be found in any of the above Species and is not limited to one Sentience. Every Sentient species can also be a Muse for those sharing the universe as their unique approach to existence can be an inspiration to others with a different approach.

What we have described above are quite simplistic descriptions, but they are accurate. These positions add a "flavor" to the foundational trajectory of a species but they do not come into meaningful and valuable use for the universe until the position has been refined and stabilized. These positions tend to come into refinement and stability over the Mature Soul stage of that Sentience.

The foundational position is there from the start, but it is often a chaotic and painful path for the species to reach that refinement. However, EVERYTHING about the shared experiences of that particular Sentience plays into the refinement of that position.

For example, Humans are in the Power position and for that to be refined and stabilized, every known horror of power will be explored alongside every known altruistic benefits of shared power.

We can delineate each of these paths of contribution, or foundational trajectories of existence, but it may be difficult to truly grasp those unique paths for species who are not Human. Each species would bring their own uniqueness to their trajectory. For example, another species in Power may approach their path quite differently from Humans. Because Humans are Intellectually/Expressive based, the approach to power has been all about displays of power and control over expression and thoughts.

Do you have questions?

Petra: Are the Pleiadians Power as well?

MEntity: Discipline.

Petra: ​​​​​​​Thank You Michael & Troy, time is up, have both a wonderful day! 

MEntity: Good day to you, Petra. Goodbye, for now.



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