0914 TIME-ANCHORS Michael Session per e-mail 9/20

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0914 TIME-ANCHORS Michael Session per e-mail 9/20

Inspired by Oscar!

May 21st 2020

Hello Michael via Troy!

Has my Essence planned to remain till most of Human Sentience has cycled off, to help to extract and secure all of the final data, and leave an embedded record of the species?

FROM MICHAEL: Yes. Most of our students have intentions to continue incarnating until the species ends, is disrupted, or taken by another Design. Not just for the sake of data, but as a natural pattern for all Sentience where those who incarnate the earliest as a way to clear a path for full anchoring of Sentience also tend to be of the last to incarnate as a way to bring closure and usher out the final cycling off.

Here are excerpts of what You said about time-anchors:

Personalities who are time anchors are those Personalities who remain "anchored" in key turning points over a cycle of lifetimes, and act as a kind of accessible portal into that time frame for Essence to "revisit" from its evolving perspective. These time anchors also act as a means for other fragments to experience and revisit great turning points in the species.

Most of these are used as something that might be described accurately as observational portals, but some use these as a means to actually incarnate outside of a timeline

My true study are turning points in history.

How many Personalities has/had my Essence "anchored" in key turning points of history, which key turning points in history, am I one of the Personalities, and how far evolved is our perspective through revisiting now?

FROM MICHAEL: Time Anchor Personalities, eventually, get returned to the stream of Essence. Time Anchors tend to be within a range of about 50,000 years from the current incarnation. We see 3 Time Anchor Personalities in your history active at the moment. One during the building of pyramids of Giza, one during a crusade involving children in Germany around the early 13th Century CE, and one in Greece around the death of Alexander The Great. And yes, you are a Time Anchor Personality. We are uncertain what you mean by your question about how far evolved.

How often has my Essence used these observational portals to actually incarnate outside of a timeline, and which timelines?

FROM MICHAEL: We see 9 incarnations of such a nature. If we understand your question, it is more accurate to say "out of sequence" than "out of which timeline."

Thank YOUS



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