0914 MOTIF MATES Michael Session per e-mail 9/20

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0914 MOTIF MATES Michael Session per e-mail 9/20

This Session was inspired by Geraldine, through her questioning the term Motif Mates was coined by Michael!

May 19th 2020

Hello Michael via Troy!

This Session is devoted to Motif Mates!

Everyone Essence has a Raw Number, through the whole Energy Ring, all its Cadres and Entities, there are 84 Essences who share the same Raw Number with each other.

This is what YOU have explained so far:

There is a resonance that is unique. We might refer to these collections of resonance as MOTIF MATES. This is a specific recurring intent, theme, etc. it might be played out in a multitude of ways across these members. This is similar in how musical compositions are filled. The Energy Ring filled with beats, melodies, choruses, etc. but the various mathematical resonances will always have their own, unique orchestration. The music and math of every Sentience, both in breakdown, and collectively, is unbelievably beautiful.

First, I would like to ask You, about my 83 Motif Mates, and our unique orchestration, our theme and intent, our beat and melodies, our song, our color and geometrical form, our sound/note, our musical instrument?

FROM MICHAEL: You and your Motif Mates play out a theme related to TRANSMUTING ENERGY. Members of your Motif tend to have quite specific moments or patterns in every life where there is an experiment or experience with transmuting energy in some way. For example, one might learn that anger is not something one must carry, but can be transmuted into passion. Or one might learn that a combination of herbs in a specific medium can result in a medicinal treatment. 

Second, did my Essence/and its Personas, have had contact in life times through this Grand Cycle with all of them, and/or which Cadres/Entities were contacted the most, and what did we fill in?


Motif Mates often never make contact across their lifetimes, but this depends on individual Essences and their trajectory through a cycle of lives. There are no standards or requirements for Motif Mates, but there are patterns where the first 3 Cadres' Motif Mates cross paths, and Cadres 4-6 cross paths, and Cadres 7-9, and Cadres 9-12. There is overlapping across these, of course so that all Motif Members tend to cross paths with several other Motif Members. The bond is already resonant and mathematical and active with or without contact. Motifs are more about individual contributions to a theme, there is no need for collaboration in a lifetime, so crossing paths is more about exploring relationships than about working together.

Your Essence has crossed paths with 22 of your Motif Mates across your lives. That would be 6 from Cadre 1; 7 from Cadre 2; 6 from Cadre 3; 2 from Cadre 4; 1 from Cadre 7.

Third, are Motif Mates the unifying factor for an Energy Ring? if not, what is?

FROM MICHAEL: Motif Mates contribute to that unification, as do many factors, but the main unifying factor are Entity Twins. Task Companions tend to reunite Entities and Essence Twins tend to reunite Cadres, and Entity Twins tend to reunite Energy Rings. This is why many Essence Twins from 7th Entities are twinned with other 7th Entities. For example, many from Cadre 1, Entity 7 will be twinned with Cadre 2, Entity 7, and many from Cadre 3, Entity 7 will be twinned with Cadre 4, Entity 7, etc. Entity Twins reunite Energy Rings.

Forth, how many of my Motif Mates are incarnated right now, have I met any of them in this life time, if so, give me a hint?

 FROM MICHAEL: We see 53 of your Motif Mates incarnated at the moment.



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