0307 Cycled Off Entity Mates

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0307 Cycled Off Entity Mates

Using what Michael explained in NickF's session C1E6:


When members of an entity cycle off, they do not simply sit and wait for the rest of the entity members. Instead, they (eventually) become a part of the Essences of all who remain in cycle, a kind of expansion of the "higher self" of the individual. The more members cycle off, the more accelerated the life of those still in cycle. In other words, yes, you connect with them as they have come to be a kind of expansion or accessible bank of wisdom, support, and guidance.

As for Cadre 1 and his Entities:

C1E4 Fragments 980, cycled off 831, still incarnating 143

C1E7 Fragments 1177, cycled off 742, still incarnating 435

C1E3 Fragments 1083, cycled off 400, still incarnating 683

C1E6 Fragments 1071, cycled off 375, still incarnating 696

C1E5 Fragments 1421, cycled off 562, still incarnating 859

C1E2 Fragments 1275, cycled off 176, still incarnating 1093

C1E1 Fragments 1421, cycled off 328, still incarnating 1093

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