0309 A Survey of Psychic Schools - Clairvision and Angels, Black Death Parallels, Channeling Progress Logs

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0309 A Survey of Psychic Schools - Clairvision and Angels, Black Death Parallels, Channeling Progress Logs


MARCH 9TH 2022

Note from Archivist: The TLE Library is primarily an archive of sessions channeled by Troy Tolley, and all work presented here should be assumed to be channeled by Troy unless a note like this one is included. 

Babylove (aka Nick Sweeney) was mentored by Troy, and participates in the TLE Community as a student. We have elected to post sessions channeled by Nick in this library if shared within TLE because these sessions often continue conversations begun with a session channeled by Troy or vice versa. Other content channeled by Nick may be found by searching for ChannelNS. 

CONTEXT: Clairvision is a school of meditation founded in Australia by Samuel Sagan - French Doctor/Sanskritist, who developed practical, straightforward inner space techniques.

Awakening the Third Eye is a great guide with simple tips like placing attention on the eye. The school emphasizes immediate results and spiritual power for rewards to continue seeking and has also warned against the hubris of Atlanteans.

Magick: Archangel incantations taken from Damon Brand’s books. Sigils and evocations.  Kabbalah/Hebrew magic is one of the oldest continuous occult traditions in the West.

Channeling Percentages:

Kurtis in November : (Babylove) Kurtis, your work with us is fairly solid, though still in the "clearing phase" of your channeling progression. You are still working on anticipation and over-eagerness patterns that can interfere with the reception and translation of our communications to and through you. That being said, we see your overall accuracy being at around 50%, at times fluctuating between 40 and 60%. On average your reception is at 50% with dips into the 35% range and spikes into the 70% range; translation at around 45%; delivery 50%; comprehension 60%.  We would say that your 300ce marker for the mentor timeline is approximately correct.

Today: Kurtis: reception 50-70%; translation 50-60%; transmission 50%

There are clear improvements and greater stability in every category  - reception does not dip below 50 anymore, translation has gone up from 45 to the 50-60 category. Transmission has stayed consistent.

Delphi: In July (Babylove):

“Our channel has had some experience with this and he can speak more with this with you in terms of the particular experience. We are calling up from our experience together. reception around 50, spikes up to 70 percent dips down to 30 percent, translation - 45 percent spikes up to 60 percent transmission - still working to find stability - averaging out at around 45 percent accuracy - average between a range of 30 to 60 percent. comprehension - averaging around 50 percent  . Yes. You are growing. You are learning. Doing the work and clearing the space. This does not always mean our work together during the clearing process will be consistent or valid or accurate but it does mean that you are in the process and moving forward. 

you have begun the initiation phase which is marked by your focus and enthusiasm initial discovery. you are aiming for the next phase which would bring a greater degree of validity to what you have channeled. we think you could look forward to that greater range of validity, that milestone if you continue to work as you have been sometime in the next 3 to 6 months. after that phase would come some stability or a plateau if you will which then invites the next phase which would be doubt to put it simply. a phase where you are asked to look more deeply at your motivations for channeling at all and to make sure you are clear and honest about them. this phase can see a dip in clarity and validity. if you continue to choose to develop your ability as a channel beyond this point, then greater and greater breakthroughs will follow. your short term middle term and long term progress and our work together as fairly consistent and right on schedule in terms of what is often experienced by channels who begin working with us.“

Delphi today: reception 30-40% on average; translation 50-60%; transmission 40-50%

Reception has fallen - meaning I am likely in the doubt/plateau phase. It also does not help that I channel at odd hours, on the go or while eating at times - which means I need to improve in setting aside time where I am undisturbed, not agitated, and physically refreshed and relaxed. I began in April 2021 with reception at around 78% so I am a little disappointed.

Translation: Improvement, lower bound has increased from 45 to 50. This fits my recent experience of hearing Michael come through more clearly, immediately, and knowing how to quieten my mind.

Transmission: Same average of around 45 percent, no spikes up to 60 but no dips to 30 either. Range has narrowed, which means I am becoming more consistent.


Michael: Hello, we are here and can begin.

Delphi: Hi Michael

For the first question today

Can you comment on the validity of the work done by clairvision institute? They have a vocabulary of terms developed and have publishef a book called awakening the third eye as well as some writings on atlantis. What are the strengths and weaknesses of their approacj


For the overall context, Michael, I am wondering how to develop an effective curriculum of personalized psychic development that I can implement with the O1 group

Michael: Yes, one moment while we compile our response.

Delphi: most questions today will centre around this theme

One that can eventually provide a clear channel of T, L, and E in both broad and high resolution enough ways that can provide practical solutions to current problems and expose inner and outer lies

and by practical, I mean high resolution enough to inform cutting edge academic research in the sciences, in arts, in political affairs

and intelligence work, providing insight into decision making


Clairvision has developed useful tools and methods for expanding and developing one's intuition and psychic resources, and they are valid. However, as with many "curriculums" of this kind it is more complicated than necessary. As with any teaching, it is up to the student to validate what works for them and discard the rest.  As long as this is remembered, their methods can be useful. Their strength lies in the very clear, grounded and practical tools for developing the intuition and psychic resources. Their weaknesses lie in the category of "over-complicated". However, some of this over-complicated-ness does  have its value in the sense that they are trying to "cover all the bases" so that a variety of people can find some core tools that work for them.

One aspect of developing the intuitive and psychic resources that many leave out is the necessity for holistic development of the personality to the degree that it blends and blurs with essence. From our perspective, this would be the foundation upon which the rest of the curriculum would be based.

Delphi: why is it over complicated? I am asking because it seems a detailed language is needed for people to map and share their experiences in a mutually intelligible way

Michael: It is often approached in a more imbalanced fashion where the tools and gifts are sought to be improved and used for benefit without the holistic perceptions and perspectives and actions that the manifestation of essence would bring.

Delphi: how would you define holistic perceptions and perspectives, and how can these be assessed and then shared in a way that students can validate each others work and progress externally?

Michael: By holistic perceptions, perspectives, and actions, we mean that it does no good to learn to use your intuition to "manifest a boyfriend," for example, if your deeper desire is to be alone. Holistic awareness is an awareness of one's true needs and core desires in balance with what has actual relevance in the life. "Over-complicated" means that the intellect becomes "lost in the trees" and cannot see the forest. But we are not saying that the teachings are not useful, we are simply responding to your question.

Delphi: in Michael terms, what do venom, astrality and superastrality mean?

Michael: In order to give our clearest translation of these terms into our teaching's terms we would first need to know how these terms are defined within this system.

Delphi: yes one moment

One of the key concepts of the Clairvision work of inner alchemy, venom covers a range of meanings:

Venom refers to the mental consciousness of gods and angels – whether angels of light or angels of darkness. Why 'venom'? Because this supermental energy is such a concentrated force that if it were to enter the mind of a normal human being without any filtering, it would burn it out.

Venom is also used in the wider meaning of astrality, i.e. influx of energies coming from the astral body. In humans and animals, the interaction between the astral and the etheric bodies is such that the astral principle constantly causes grasping, tension, and a wearing out of vital energies resulting in ageing and death.

Main points and mechanisms

Due to word gravity, a common misconception is to believe that venom can only be a negative or destructive principle by nature. An analogy could be made with electric current: the fact that it can kill does not mean there is something 'evil' about it – only that it must be managed in the proper way.

In supermind work, two categories of venom are discerned:

sugar venom, which speeds up mental processes and intensifies emotions

soporific venom, which can create a sleepy condition of the mind, but also expanded states of consciousness and far-reaching vision

"The Point is like a funnel, through which mental consciousness reaches a person's head. But they receive only drops of it..." (Atlantean Secrets 9.32) In scene 10.2, Szar learns that the Point can be compared to a sphincter. When loose, it is venom-incontinent. When tight, it is venom-proof. See also 12.18, where Szar is trained in the triangular seal and first learns to shield his Point against venom showers.

Venom is a flexible term that can adopt quite different meanings depending on the context: plain astrality, concentrated astrality, a principle of obscuration (as in mismanaged venom that clouds people's minds), weapon of psychic warfare (as with the Nephilim Hunters of Atlantean Secrets), supermind principle, angelic consciousness. Precisely, the power of the concept of venom is to highlight the common ground of all these modalities.”

Ken: i will have a follow up question after this response


Human beings are fourfold, made of:

a physical body

an etheric body

an astral body

an Ego

As a result of spiritual evolution, the following additional bodies are developed:

transformed (or transubstantiated) astral body

transformed (or transubstantiated) etheric body

transformed (or transubstantiated) physical body

The term 'body of immortality' refers to any or all of the three transformed vehicles mentioned above. As soon as a sufficient fraction of the transformed astral body has been crystallised, there is continuity of consciousness and memories from one life to another. Further enlightenment is brought about by the development of the transformed etheric and physical bodies.

Other bodies mentioned in the Clairvision mapping

In the Clairvision mapping, 'body of energy' is usually a loose term for the etheric body.

The superastral body is the vehicle of superastrality (which gives qualities such as higher intelligence, genius, structure, vertical inspiration). Once permeated by the Ego, the superastral body becomes a transformed superastral body.

The term 'body of vastness' does not refer to a subtle body but to an experience of consciousness: feeling immensely vast.

The infamous astral body is an astral body crystallised on evil principles.

Infra-physical bodies, to be developed by human beings in future cosmic cycles.


It appears that this system is using the term "venom" to refer to what we would call resonance with "higher planes" which would include the astral, causal, and the exalted planes. It also seems to refer to accessing inspiration. And though the system does have valid insights that were utilized during Atlantean times, your excerpt is a perfect example of what we mean by "over-complicated." In a slightly different sense of the concept, we could say that it is over-complicated because it is a teaching that is "missing the point" of being physical in the first place.

In this way, the system encourages getting "lost in the trees and missing the forest."”

Delphi: thank you

Kenneth: i'll reneg my question


We will move on to Ken's question.

We understand.

Delphi: my next question is (and just a brief answer would do as I have another question lined up after this) what are the angels that ken and I have been contacting? or how does magick work and what are its strengths and weaknesses?


These "angels" appear to be a template for your own essences, as well as astral fragments, fragments that are participating in the incarnational cycle and some that are not.

How are you defining "magick"?

Delphi: kabbala style, our use of sigils and incantations

Michael: For those that need more ritual to help ground and invite essence, "magick" can be helpful. For others it can be useless.

Delphi: Ok

Kurtis wants to ask

One: if there are parallels where the Black Death never occurred.

Or Two: If there are parallels where the Black Death killed far more Europeans.

In either case I am curious if there are parallels that exist where as a result of no/worse Black Death, Europeans never gained a foothold on power, allowing Zhongguo, Nihon, India, Anatolia, Persia and Indigenous America to form a multipolar world.

can you also give him some assessment of his current channeling percentages

and mine, where we lean towards in terms of TLE, extended senses, room for improvement


There are very few parallels where the Black Death did not occur. In those parallels, there were other "plagues" that amounted to the same results in terms of European evolution alongside the other "tribes" you mentioned.

Kurtis: reception 50-70%; translation 50-60%; transmission 50%

Delphi: reception 30-40% on average; translation 50-60%; transmission 40-50%

We must conclude here for today, as our channel has already dedicated his time to another client. Good day to you all. Goodbye for now.

Tyrone: alrighty, bye Michael!

and thanks for the session

Delphi: bye michael, thank you

Starlingsfly: Thanks Michael

Ken: thanks michael

and thanks nick