0329 Space ship dwelling sentient species

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0329 Space ship dwelling sentient species

Channeled by Troy March 29 2017

12-17-T: Hi Michael, I was hoping you could elaborate upon an off earth culture that was mentioned in the comment section of the "Aliens 101" material. I can't find the original comment so I'm paraphrasing from memory. You had said this sentient species is humanoid, telepathic, very compassionate and that their successful design has gone through several energy ring cycles. The strangest thing is that they mostly live (or completely live) on space ships. What dynamics are involved with an old soul culture exiting and an infant soul moving in? How did they come to live on space ships and could you describe the these ships? Thank you Michael


This species is deeply rooted in exploration and discovery, and as such as mastered a level of universal traversal that is fairly unmatched. As a Design is cycling off and out of this particular species, mutations tend to be maximized to an extent that the markers for the species remain "the same," but different, much like Homo Sapiens exist along a branch of very similar, but different versions of itself.

The markers act as the anchor for the new Sentience to "move in," and the transition is not much different from how it occurs in any other way. All new Sentience has an Old Sentience in place to help settle in.

In the case with the species in question, there is an overlapping of time that allows for this, and it can last for what may be the equivalent of centuries.

The greatest difference here is that the new variation on the species is so similar that the transition is seamless.

However, because there is an obvious wave of difference among those incoming as Infant Souls among the Old, and because this lineage has retained records for nearly all of these cycles, it is a celebrated phase that is known to them as something that might translate into SPIRAL.

The original motivation for the ships was to move into orbit around a home planet that had become unlivable. It was determined that the planet would be "fixed" and then a return to the planet would come, eventually. They succeeded, but by that time it had been many generations.

Many of the new generation had begun alternative solutions and this started a move beyond the planet.

12-17-T: Just curious I'm not really understanding why it's such a big deal for another sentient species to fly over to another planet and say "hey what's up ya'll". Is such a scenario so catastrophic (psychically speaking) as people tend to think it will be?


Ironically, only a relative few remained on the planet and the majority moved into continued exploration.

The ships have morphed over time due to access to a universe of materials and would now seem to be living structures of biotechnology and bioluminescence.

In response to your last question: When a species is Infant and early Baby, and when a species is Mature and Old, the exposure to off-planet life is fairly simple for different reasons. When a species is dominated by Baby and Young, then exposure can be catastrophic.

For those species skilled in travel, there are fairly obvious symptoms to indicate the degree of impact that exposure can have on a species.

By the time a species is skilled at such traveling, there does tend to be a degree of extensive compassion involved. This is not true for all, but for most.

12-17-T: Thank you Michael, very fascinating!



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