1019 Personal events of 2015

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1019 POF: Personal events of 2012

POF 10/19/2015

MEntity: Hello to both of you. We are here, now. We can begin.

Daniela: [Background removed for privacy]

My questions:

1) What was I in contact with the night that I prayed? Was it my Essence or a spirit guide?

2) Something helped me through this time. I had perspective, strength, and wisdom that surprised me. People who knew what was happening were inspired and thought I was some kind of a saint. But saintliness is not my usual personality. Was I manifesting Essence during this time?

3) This experience was extremely painful but also compelling and satisfying. I think I understand how Self-Karma was involved here, but was there Soul-Karma as well? If so, who was it between and what was the imbalance?


In response to your questions:

ONE) From what we can see, this contact was with yourself, your Essence or Higher Self, However, it was not a moment of dichotomy, but a moment of wholeness. In other words, it was not "you" in contact with Essence. It was "you" BEING Essence.

Guides were involved, as well, but as support for the long haul.

The same responses apply to your second question. When living as Essence there is a flow of insight, clarity, compassion, and comprehension that not only helps one to navigate difficult scenarios, but it allows you to process the more constricting emotions and experiences that would otherwise be overwhelming or ignored. When living as Essence, one does not deny reality, whether that reality is personal or shared. All realities can be navigated. You knew there was a reality beyond your personal pain.

Daniela: Totally.


You knew that personal pain was a valid reality. You knew that to choose one over the other would mean fracturing yourself and your life further.

In response to THREE)

When one must face a choice such as yours, it is not a given that taking the "high road" equals a meaningful pay off or reward. It could have gone terribly awry.

However, when one chooses the path of Essence, it is not the reward that is the motivation, it is the choice, itself. In other words, choosing inclusivity is the reward, in itself. It may go terribly awry, but you know what choice YOU made. One cannot control the choices of others. One can only control one's own choices.

If you had chosen differently, it could have evaded a great deal of pain. It could have opened other paths that could not be fathomed at the time. But Essence does not evade. It does not avoid. It knows it may not always work out, but Essence will always try. You tried.

It was worth more to you to expand in context and capability.

Daniela: So there was no Karma balancing involved? It was just me as Essence handling a difficult situation with grace?

MEntity: No Karma here. This was a scenario of Humans being Human. You were not compelled. You made a conscious choice to try. And you focused on the innocence of the child. Rather than emphasize the betrayal and pain, you chose to align with innocence and potential.

Daniela: Yes, very much so. Thank you.

MEntity: It was not an easy choice. It was a beautiful choice.



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