0220 Deeper Dive into the Life as Florence Kelley

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I’d like to get more information on my past life as Florence Kelley.  You’ve told me “…your Essence and Essence Twin (as guide) fought tirelessly for the rights of women and children in the late-19th, early 20th Century America as a means to continue finalizing the Task shared between you and your Server Task Companion. "Florence Kelley" would most likely be the name associated with your Essence's lifetime, and "Lucretia Mott" would be your Server Task Companion.”

There is quite a bit of information about Florence Kelley out there, so I know the basics, but would like more information from you on that lifetime in the same terms I’m looking at my other Old lifetimes. I’m working on getting overviews during these POFs so that I have more to work with when we get a chance to have some longer, private sessions to go deeper. I know that Florence had many siblings die in childhood, had a prominent father, became an attorney, married a Polish-Russian doctor, had 3 children, and then divorced him to raise the children herself in the US as she became a champion for social and political reform. I’m exhausted just reading about her, she’s quite impressive on paper.  Can you give me a more Essence-oriented perspective on this life, and if other students, or people I know, were involved?


What you have acquired is one of many versions of that Personality, and not all were as "successful" as the one you read about. There are other versions who decided to take a more restful path, and other versions who died early, and other versions who were lesbian, and other versions who were injured to the point where efforts had to cease. These kinds of variations are fairly normal for any life.

We point this out so that you know that any life time and any Personality has a wide array of results from choices and actions made.

MARTHAwhich I'm sure makes any attempt at what I'm doing more difficult emoticon_smile

MICHAELEach variation will have its contentment or discontentment in the choices and efforts made, and most will not compare themselves to any other variation. Those paths are uniquely their own, and the older soul grows to know this.


frankly, I've wondered why most of the past life information isn't more convoluted

I guess it really is, and you're summarizing


In terms of the version in question, which is most relevant to your past, we can say that the results of successes that are attributed to her were cumulative, and not based on any ultimate goal or focus of vision at the time. Each step was taken as something that was necessary to deal with, which then led to next steps, and wider effects.

This is often the case with lives having more obvious impact in history: they were cumulative in effect, not a single incident. There are exceptions, of course.

However, the Personality in question was keen to the sense of impact that would become historic.

Or rather, came to realize this over time, which helped sustain the perseverance.

She wanted a mundane life alongside her more political efforts, and this was the priority, or the point would have seemed to have been lost.

As a Sage, nearly all of the efforts through politics were about protecting the innocent, empowering the child, whether literally or within.

There was little to motivate her more than the intense sense for preserving innocence and the sanctity of children within and around.

Everyone was seen fairly literally as a fellow child, fellow constrained playmate, for whom each needed standing up.

Her marriage was ended for various reasons, but this relationship was one of the primary sources of motivation for all work to come beyond it.

The empathy for oppression of innocence and restriction of choice grew exponentially and rather quickly, sparking the realization that this was not something she wanted to allow in the world, if possible, whether in personal terms of painful relationships, or in public terms of social or political discord.

Most fragments involved in that life are not known to you in this life in any meaningful way, as that particular life was one that was something chosen to do "for yourself."

By this, we mean that it was not thought out as a group strategy, but one that was born of Personality from its experiences. This is an example of how Personality can surprise and delight Essence through having its own capacity to choose.

Many who take on the challenge of Rights within a lifetime do so as born from Personality, and not from Essence, because the perception of equality, choice, and power are very different from Essence's point of view, and it takes those extant to help sustain the environment of actual equality, rights, choice, and empowerment.

MARTHAyes, while I have empathy this time around, I don't seem to want to take on this kind of thing

it sounds like too much work that I don't want to do (other than post on Facebook)

MICHAELYou are not Florence.


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MICHAELYet, you are.

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MARTHAI see myself in her pictures, a bit

MICHAELFor each Personality, a past life is like a family member. Some will seem familiar, others will seem out of place, and some will have striking resonance and resemblance, but each will be unique, regardless of blood line, or Essence line.

MARTHAthank you