0218 Life as French Painter and Life as Oregon Fur Trader

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MARTHA: Hello, Michael

MARTHA: I would like to get more information on the French painter life you told me about in the late 1800s/early 1900s, the Picasso acquaintance.  You’ve told me this life resonates to my current life: “…one of a few concurrent lives in the late 1800s/early1900s in which your Essence rented a stable in a barn that acted as his home, so that he could pursue his painting as inspired by the growing appreciation for Picasso, an acquaintance at the time. The resonance we would see is the passion for "doing what needs to be done" as a means to fulfill creativity and expression.” 

Please give me more detail on this life and its resonance, as well as who else was involved from the TLE group, or other people known to me. Also, I have the painter down as a concurrent of Florence Kelley, and the timing could be right to also be a concurrent of one or both of the Antarctic explorers, can you confirm?

MICHAEL: The lifetime in question can be elaborated upon by sharing that the Personality at the time morphed motivation away from eagerness and envy, toward a focus on expression for the sake of expression, or art, for art's sake.

There was no need for it to be acceptable, saleable, or recognized, as long as it was a joy to create.

These works of art were gifted on a regular basis and was part of the loose contract for rental of the shelter.

The hosts from whom this Personality rented are known to you now, but we cannot identify them with any validating factors at the moment. They are not of "TLE," but are a part of your extended social circle.

They appear to be musicians who share the same sentiment as that past life of your own, that the creation of music is for the sake of its creation, not necessarily for its marketability.

MARTHA: Bill and Ruth Carter came to my mind

MICHAEL: The resonance with this life is played out in quite different symbols, but escalated to a most meaningful level for yourself and your Essence, as the nurturing of creation for the sake of that creation, itself, is played out in your choice to raise your daughter.

The calculation of timing for Concurrents appears to be valid.

Next questions.

MARTHA: nothing more on that guy?

MICHAEL: His paintings and art were destroyed in a fire.

MARTHA: was the Oregon expedition life also a concurrent? Maybe you could tell me more on that life in the time we have left.

scratch the concurrent question, you've already told me Oregon was a concurrent of the German medium

all I have on the Oregon life was the bit related to the friendship then with my friend David

MICHAEL: There were many overlapping lives for a period of time, and they are not necessarily attached to one another in any particular way that does not allow them to be concurrents to other lives.


MICHAEL: The Oregon life appears to have been a fur trader and loner, for the most part, focusing a great deal of time on contemplation and communing with nature.

That lifetime was spent helping to heal some of the impact on the Instinctive Center from previous lives that ended rather quickly.

MARTHA: I see that it comes directly after those "two quick lives" in Virginia in its linear relation

MICHAEL: He was restless and refused to humor any sense of confinement to any location for much time.

MARTHA: so that makes sense

thank you